Sunday, February 2, 2014

Where have all the sweaters gone?

Umm... No, not what I had in mind.

I hate to shop. I enter a store and promptly experience sensory overload. Large department stores and malls are an anathema to me.

Part of it stems from the fact that I’ve never had the disposable income to consider shopping as a recreational sport. Another part is the decision-making process involved in selecting anything and the compulsion to make each and every purchase significant.

So it’s mid-winter and bitterly cold. We keep the thermostat low. Sweaters and turtlenecks are requisite attire for maintaining any kind of warmth. I have three or four warm sweaters that are suitable. One is from Bradlees and the other two are from WeatherVane. Anyone remember those stores? If you don’t, that’s an indication of the age of these of sweaters.

The last Bradlees closed in 2001 and Weathervane closed in 2004, but not before it morphed from nice women’s clothes into teen duds. So that makes these sweater a minimum of 10 years old, even 15, since I bought them well before the stores closed.

So where have all the warm wool/wool-blend sweaters gone?
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Being child free is NOT new and revolutionary

Looks are deceiving! (Photo by Mary Johnson)
Cyberspace is agog about the article in Time magazine this week about child-free couples. 

Suddenly it’s news.

Not so much here.

Not having children is a decision I made 40 years ago during my time of prime fertility. It didn’t come after failed attempts to get pregnant or late marriage. I knew I could get pregnant. That happened going into my senior year of college and I knew without a doubt it was not the right time. It was a mistake I never made again.
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Writing is the hardest thing I do

My trusty iMac
I don’t really know why I write. I don’t write quickly, except when I’m really pissed off or on a rant.

I’m a lousy typist. In college I was wedded to erasable typing paper, and later to the correcting tape in the IBM Selectric. I would take illegible notes; later I learned to transcribe quickly after interviews while I could still understand them. I still take illegible notes.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Super Bowl Rant

Can 100 million people be wrong?

That’s the number of people expected to stuff their faces with junk food and watch grown men slam heads and bodies together in the name of sport.

It matters not that the chronic concussions experienced by football players may lead to early dementia and personality disorders. The NFL has graciously offered funds to research the problem.

It matters not that the administration of a powerful painkiller allows college players to play through painful, otherwise debilitating injuries. The drug, Toradol, led to a heart attack in a 20-year-old. It’s apparently in widespread use in the NCAA and professional sports.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If I ruled the world

Okay, there would be world peace, good jobs for all, a take-down of the Wall Street big-wigs and banks, a bipartisan Congress, spending limits and time constraints on the campaigning process… You get the idea.

But I’m talking about some basics here. Stuff that’s a part of everyday life and gives us major agita.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

eHow declaw article: Bad information, bad journalism

It’s hard to determine whether this post should go to “Life With Sally” or to “ExclusivelyCats.” It discusses two topics close to my heart – good writing and cats.

A member of the Cat Writers’ Association Facebook group posted a link to an eHow article titled, “How to Declaw a Cat,” which immediately generated a major firestorm among the members. On the surface the message was that you could knock out Fluffy and systematically cut off her paw tips from the comfort of your home.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Manufacturers foist ugly cars on consumers

... who are either clueless or gullible 

Jeeps were always pretty ugly, but this
new model takes the cake.
Update! Feb. 23. Jeep's new Cherokee might take the cake here. It's described in this article as "lumpier, angrier." You decide.

 Car manufacturers are going out of their way to design ugly cars.

I didn’t think they could top themselves after SUVs became all the rage, but the marketing behind them blinded consumers into thinking they were buying a safe family vehicle that would take the kids to soccer practice, the wife to the mall, and the husband to the hunting lodge in the mountains. Or convince their neighbors that they were members of the Secret Service. SUVs and their newer kissing cousins, the crossovers, are a lame concept that sucks people into believing they’re the only thing to drive if they have 1.3 kids and a dog.

No, SUVs were not safe, until the tip-over rate led to stabilizer systems. They’re a must for winter weather? Sure, if you want to play cowboy and scare the living daylights out of mere mortals around you. And ice is ice: an SUV will skid as much as a sedan if there’s no traction to be had.
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