Saturday, January 20, 2018

When the Fuck Will This End?

Donald Trump has been in office for one year. I hesitate to use President because he is the furthest thing from being presidential. I have never used that title in conjunction with his name.

Enumerating the travesties taking place since his election and inauguration has occupied pages and pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post; millions of gigabytes online, and hours and hours of reporting on cable television.

As of early January, his lies totaled 2,000, according to the Washington Post. They range from the crowd at his inauguration and voting numbers to the denial of his collusion with Russia to taking credit for creating jobs to this week’s information regarding his health.

 He’s spent a phenomenal amount of time and taxpayer money golfing at Mar-a-lago (after criticizing Obama for his far-fewer golf outings).

His blatant racism, most recently his “shithole countries” comment, has shocked everyone except the GOP Congress that has been pandering to him.

He has demonstrated an obvious lack of understanding of the governing process and his opinion on any given bill depends on the last sound bite from Fox and Friends or whoever whispered last in his ear.

Speaking of which, his attacks on the press have enhanced his ignorance – he just can’t handle the facts. He believes there’s nothing wrong with mixing his business interests with the administration, denies any collusion with Russia despite the growing evidence otherwise, fills his cabinet and government agencies with people whose values are antithetical to the positions they serve.


Digging himself in deeper

In the course of five days:

• The publication of “Fire and Fury” confirmed and added to the stories about tRump’s incompetence, lack of knowledge about the presidency, and emotional instability.

• The release of the testimony of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS regarding Christopher Steele’s dossier confirmed that tRump and company colluded with the Russians and obstructed justice.

• A meeting about DACA and his attempts to build a wall, designed to show his level of engagement in light of “Fire and Fury,” he fell flat when he flip-flopped on party policy and demonstrated a lack of understanding on the issue.

• Trump stated that he “probably” has a good relationship with Kim Jong Un.

• In another meeting about immigration, he labeled Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries,” adding to the litany of racist remarks he’s made.

• And, to round out the week, the Wall Street Journal reports that tRump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid off two porn stars to the tune of $280K just before the 2016 election.


Changing tide?

There are signs that people are waking up. Democrats have made inroads in local and municipal elections. Some 30 members of the House and Senate have apparently felt the flames licking their butts and will be retiring. A few have spoken out, but only because their re-election is no longer in jeopardy.

The evidence against him is building and we’re holding our collective breath in anticipation of Mueller’s findings and the mid-term elections.

A year ago we couldn’t imagine how bad this would be. I had a small hope that he would choose wise people and learn the ropes. I was wrong. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, more crap is revealed. I can’t imagine him being in office another year, let alone until 2020.

Democrats are now showing some spine by refusing to cave on the Republican’s demands regarding DACA and CHIP, which is resulting in the above-mentioned shut-down.

So, on the anniversary of his inauguration, with a big gala planned (at $100K a pop), we’re on the verge of a government shut down. Apparently the gala has been canceled. Oops.

However, as in a year ago, women (and men) are taking to the streets. With a year of experiences under our collective belts, they’re calling attention to the threat tRump poses to women, minorities, and moreover, our democracy.

So how’s that Making America Great Again going for you, Trumpers?

The question now is when the fuck will this end?

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