Monday, June 4, 2018

500 Days, 3,000 Lies. Make that 558 days, 4,229 lies

500 days of lies, tweets, and the unraveling of our basic tenets of governance and established civil rights.

The Mueller investigation has been underway for a year and while Mueller has been mute, journalists have been unearthing enough evidence that would have indicted any president with a D after his (or her) name. They’ve spent hours investigating and analyzing every nuance, asking questions, and lamenting the lack of action on the part of Congress, which has mainlined the orange Kool-aid. Those Republicans who dare to offer up any criticism have one foot out the door.

Trump’s supporters remain firm, reveling in each claim of “Witch Hunt!” “No collusion!” Ever try engaging one of them? Shockingly, a new poll of Republicans pegged Trump’s numbers at an 87 percent approval rating, the highest since World War II, stoked by the flame of Faux News.

Each day brings another revelation. Meanwhile, tRump maintains that he’s above the law and that he can pardon himself, claims that are supported by his sycophants.  As tabulated by the Washington Post, his lies now exceed 3,000. As of Wednesday, Aug. 1, the number rose to 4,229 in the 558 days he's been in office.Pundits keep calling for accountability from Congressional leadership, but they might as well be pissing in the wind. I get a steady stream of email from organizations sounding alarm bells, looking for funds for candidates and causes.  

This has been going on for close to 18 months. The headlines from a year ago might as well been written today. We understand that the evidence is building, but the level of obfuscation is only getting worse. There’s a level of outrage and concern that is not abating.

We’re holding our collective breaths for the mid-terms and Mueller’s findings… or something… er…physical.

When I was a child I was fascinated by a book called, “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” by Dr. Seuss. Bartholomew is required to take off his hat in deference to King Derwin, but they keep reappearing, each more elaborate than the one before, like tRump’s lies. At last Bartholomew’s head is bare. In the story, the King is so impressed with the elaborate hat that he gives Bartholomew 500 gold coins for the hat.

In our story, the hats represent the lies and their unveiling, the final one, the elaborate culmination of Mueller’s victory. The bare head is the truth about tRump, revealed at last. The 500 gold coins: the symbolic reward to the American public for its patience.

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