Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dear Republicans: WTF?

H/T to Jay Nobsl Soloway for the graphic.
Dear Republicans:

Have you had enough yet? Have you had enough of the lying, collusion, vindictiveness, financial misdeeds?   

What will it take for you to act on the fact that there is no facet of this administration that isn’t corrupt?

The evidence is there and you parade around, ignoring that every fiber of our Constitution is being violated. The evidence is in front of your faces and you chose to ignore it when you shut down your Lack-of-Intelligence Committee and have taken NO action in holding Donald tRump accountable.

Does it not matter to you that he’s jeopardizing our national security, both in his actions and lack of security clearance for those advising him? 

Does it not matter to you that the agendas of each and every one of his appointees (many of which YOU confirmed) are antithetical to the agencies they are supposed to be serving? 

Does it not matter that he is ignoring the sanctions against Russia passed by YOU and signed by him? 

Does it not matter to you that he goes through staff like underwear and has left many vital positions unfilled?

Does it not matter to you that he "governs" by incoherent tweets and is totally unschooled in policy and process?

Does it not matter to you that his actions and policies – and yours – demean and marginalize 51 percent of the population and jeopardize the health care of millions and Social Security, which WE have paid for?

Does it not matter to you that hundreds of people have been killed, thanks to your love affair with the NRA (did we elect the NRA?). But heaven forbid you allow women to safe legal abortions (but refuse to renew the children’s health care program and endorse cuts to school lunch programs)?

Does it not matter to you that his extravagance and that of his cabinet are being paid for by us taxpayers. And that, thanks to your tax scam, the deficit is now $1 trillion?

If your failure to hold him accountable is due to fear of losing your rich donors, get over it. It’s the voice of the people and their choices that will remove you from office in November… the people YOU are supposed to be representing, but are failing to do so in a way that is destroying everything the United States stands for. Those of you who are “retiring”? Thanks for bailing out.

We wake up every morning wondering what fresh hell will be visited upon us. It’s a hell that’s brought on by an individual you claim to support, whose incorrigible actions YOU fail to reign in.

Speaking of fresh hell, you have no idea of the fresh hell that is fomenting. Get your heads out of tRump’s butt and do your jobs. You were elected to represent the people. Do not continue to be complicit in this travesty of a presidency.

Does it not matter to you? Nope, obviously it doesn't.

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