Friday, April 14, 2017

WTF? Our New Mantra

As it turns out, there’s been a collective WTF? momentum that has only been increasing since the election. Every time I thought about writing a new post, another news report, Tweet, gaffe, appointment, executive order, or act on the part of Congress has put the sane among us into a tailspin of incredulity.

The election post mortem shows that the dumbing down of America has reached its apex. Trump’s election was sealed was by white, male high school graduates from the rust-belt states, and apparently, their beholden women. Appallingly, 52 percent of white women and 61 percent of white women without a college education voted for him. The Democrats obviously underestimated that voting block. Political correctness is gone. Trump’s disparaging attitudes has given permission for the bad behavior and misogyny associated with that lower socio-economic mentality.