Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Jimmy Pope Phenomenon: Swoons across cyberspace

Over the past few days, a video has been circulating that’s creating swoons across cyberspace. As in more than 8.6 million views, just since Nov. 6.

Secretly filmed by his roommate, a cute young guy dances with abandon in his black skivvies while mopping the floor after a Halloween party. The tune is Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train.” A couple of pups are in on the game.

His moves and gestures are smooth and totally in sync with the music. He doesn’t miss a swipe with the mop, even gesturing at a skeleton on the wall. Then he looks up and sees that he’s being filmed, drops the mop, and bursts into laughter. It’s all over in 35 seconds, leaving us wanting more. Much more.

A little investigation through the YouTube link leads to Jimmy Pope’s Facebook page. He seems to be a nice guy, smiling adorably in his profile picture. He does have dancing in his genes since his Facebook page says he’s a volunteer in an after-school program at Guardian Dance and he’s a member of a Facebook Swing dance group (cool!). He has an MBA from Loyola University (add “the Pope” to his Facebook page and you can guess he’s a good Catholic boy) and works as an industrial operations analyst. He’s from Baltimore, but the video has made people happy all over the world – Thailand, Argentina, Germany, Taiwan, Ecuador, Spain and more. A lot of people apparently have made friend requests and Jimmy has taken the time to “like” their comments.

A sampling of the comments:

“He cleans while dancing in his undies AND looks good doing both.
The only question that remains unanswered: Is he for hire?”

“I have laughed and laughed over this video!! Absolutely adorable! I'm looking forward to following your success!!”

“Your video makes me smile every time I see it!”

“Can't stop watching your video, completely addicting. Hope you're ok with stardom.”

“I'll provide the mop, bucket AND soundtrack of your choice if you need somewhere to practice. My kitchen & bathroom are at your disposal!”

“Okay the dancing is good but WOW...a man mopping the floor?! That's sexy.”

There are 39,000 likes on the YouTube channel and 156,000 likes on the Huff Post post, with 23,118 shares. (Suffice to say that the trolls were also doing their thing.) This doesn’t even count the number of times it’s been Tweeted and picked up elsewhere.

Why? There are some titillating anomalies (especially these days when macho men appear to be rampant…): The guy is cleaning. He is dancing. In his undies. To a kind of girlie song. Joyfully! And he’s seriously adorable.

It’s obviously striking a chord in so many women, including myself. (How many times have I watched it? Don't ask!) It’s the perfect, safe fantasy. Who wouldn’t love to have a cute guy mop your floor? 

So for those of you who have been living under a rock, here goes:

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