Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lock me up until the election is over

Does it really take a year and a half to elect a President?

With 10 months remaining, we are already sick to death of the right-wing pontificating of the 1 percent. They are only ones who can afford -- or buy -- their way into office. I'm sure those on the left aren't far behind, but they are not as vocal -- yet. 

As much as I support the efforts of Occupy Wall Street, many of them have yet to create plans to address the frustrations we're experiencing. With election issues percolating to the top, this is the time to make suggestions regarding election reform, starting with limiting the duration of campaigns. 

Next is capping the amount of money spent on election campaigns. Billions of dollars to elect an individual, who has no idea of the concerns of those s/he represents? Or someone whose principles are so backward as to send basic human rights back in to the dark ages? All in the name of C h r i s t i a n beliefs? (You see the word has to be set out that way to differentiate it from mainline Christians such as Lutherans, Episcopalians, Congregationalists and even Roman Catholics as opposed to the evangelical nutcases.)

How far could those billions of dollars go toward boosting the economy?

To this untrained eye, the constantly changing lead of Republican Presidential hopefuls only signals that conservatives don't know who the hell to vote for. Each one is holier than thou (except perhaps for Newt who is on Pluto, and you know where Pluto stands these days). 

This all begs the question: Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

We approached the last Presidential election with a sense of cautious optimism. The economy was in the pits and it declined further until just recently when it seems to be picking up ever so slightly. Unemployment numbers are improving though pundits say that's due to many people throwing in the towel. Not surprising. 

It took us eight years of Bush for things to get as bad as they were, and it's not over yet. Why is Obama taking heat for not improving the economy in a mere two to three years? Especially since every proposal he's made has been bucked by the Republicans?

And now we have 10 months of mud-slinging to look forward to.

I'm heading for the sanitorium.

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