Friday, July 10, 2009

Long time, no post

Seven months of unemployment and the economic insanity continues.

The good news: I’ve had an abundant amount of free-lance work and I believe that my writing is good and solid.

The bad news: Finances are still abysmal.

I scour the sites daily – full time, part time, free lance, in my field, out of my field. I feel like I’m pissing into cyberspace for all the response I’m getting, except for one new cat-related publication. The Demand Studios experience was interesting. Wrote two articles at $15 that were accepted, then a third, a real meaty one on melamine poising in cats. Rejected, but with the comments, “You are knowledgeable and passionate about your subject and your writing skills are outstanding.” What was implied: “We want a dumbed-down article.” They didn’t understand that it was a topic that couldn’t be dumbed down. Well, I was able to repurpose it, albeit for my freebie gig. Of course, I’ve noticed that now most all of the cat/pet related articled on Demand Studios are paying just $5. That’s an insult.

Turned in another article for Feline Wellness. More Almanacs and another project for JRC. The Eagle has wings and we’ve been getting lots of good feedback.

Sent in resumes for several good day jobs and followed up with phone calls where I could. Nada. Saw two recruiters – one said I was very talented, the other said I was amazing. Do/did they have jobs for me? Nada.

Pundits say the recession is abating. However, the last segment to bounce back will be employment; unemployment numbers are still rising. And the ageism thing? Save that for another rant.

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Alexi said...

Sally, Have you thought of teaching ?? At the Community College level? That is what I do part time. I do know that Community Colleges are BOOMING in this lousy economy. Lord knows we need people to teach writing. It would be out of your field but it may be worth a try. Some income is better than none.

Carol McRee
Fellow RB lover and RBBW member
(Krasota Cattery)

The pic is of our girl, Alexi