Sunday, February 1, 2009

The process continues

Six weeks post lay-off and the reinvention process continues. I’ve been scouring the job boards daily, both for a “straight” job, which would make my husband happy, and freelance/contract work. Several of us have been discussing online ventures, which are requiring grant applications and little pay to start. I’ve sent out tons of resumes with just one interview, at a paper in Fairfield – nice pub, it seemed to go well. I would hate the commute and lack of comfort zone, plus it’s just a little more than I was making without factoring in the commute.

I feel like a statistic and the numbers are just getting worse. Obama’s bailout (I mean stimulus package) doesn’t hold much promise for the average schmuck and has plenty of pork.
Banking/investment big-wigs were plied with $18.4 billion in bonuses for the year and Exxon/Mobil earned a record $45.2 billion, amounts that are incomprehensible. Outrage is expressed all around, the anger of the average citizen is acknowledged, and politicos are demanding line-item accountability.

Will that happen?

As one of the aforementioned outraged citizens, I wrote my CongressCritters (thanks, Jim Hightower). I heard from one. A canned reply.

The biggest favor Congress could do to these greedy, over-priced CEOs and investment bankers (including the one who spend $1.2 million on decorating his office) is to sentence them to living on $30,000 a year. Jail would be too easy.

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