Monday, November 3, 2008

It's the economy, stupid

It's the night before the two-year process know as the election and it all boils down to who can get us out of this economic abyss.
Who can possibly be doing well these days? I bought lunch on Friday and felt guilty, like it was a major splurge. It was $4.
Can either of the candidates relate to what I am going through? Screaming at Chase. Playing turn-off roulette with the utlilty companies. Putting off repairs to the house, replacing the light fixture in the bathroom -- better yet juggling to pay the mortgage? No birthday, Christmas, anniversary gifts. Any and every decision is based on cost. Of course we don't need "stuff." But I would love to pay bills on time. Take out, dinner out, new underwear ... icing on the cake.
Everything goes up in cost (well... now we're getting a respite with gasoline prices, but that's all market manipulation) except our income. My net paycheck is the same as it was three years ago. Paul's is half what it was. And what has the cost of living done since then?
Retailers and car manufacturers are wringing their hands. No shit! A new car? No matter how they scream, no matter how early they open, that will never happen! I hold my breath and listen for suspicious noises when I start up the '92 LeBaron. Paul's car needs tires and an oil change. Now who can we put off.
Time will tell.

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