Saturday, September 13, 2008


For all the opinions I have, I've found it difficult to get down to brass tacks and make something of this blog.
The political process? Frustrating. I watched the conventions (well, mostly the Democratic one) and looked for something that could make me feel optimistic. Change appears to be the mantra though we know that will be different once the new president butts up against Congress.

The economy really pisses me off. I am so tired of pinching pennies and seeing everything go up except our income. It's Saturday and I just went out to buy some cat food and toiletries, spent about $80. The best weekend is when I pull into the garage on Friday night and don't leave until Monday morning. Too much aggravation, traffic, spending money, dealing with the idiots out there. I'm probably a good candidate for agoraphobia. And then developers are always looking to build more and more -- in town, all the parcels of land with "for sale" signs posted. And on the TV, buy, buy, buy. Buy a new car, buy furniture. Who is doing all this buying?
Work. Another source of frustration, corporate idiots making it more and more difficult to do my job. I know I do a good job, but it involves opening up a vein daily.

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